Elfer gets mid-engined

Los Angeles (United States), 17 November 2016

Porsche has at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2016 (18 to 27 November) presented its new long distance racer 911 RSR. And what has presented Porsche there, is a quite a sensation. Yes, the new RSR is a penalty with mid-engine. That's right, mid-engined.

First use in Daytona

2017 Porsche will appear with two factory cars in the FIA World Endurance Championship. This includes also the 24 hours of Le Mans. Which has its first of 19 season inserts new 911 RSR in the January 2017 at the 24 hours of Daytona. The cost of the new car was enormous: chassis, bodywork, aerodynamics, engine, transmission on the 911 RSR is redesigned from the ground up. Porsche Motorsport Director Dr. Frank-Steffen Valais says: "This is the biggest evolution in the history of our GT-top model while maintaining the typical 911 design."

More wing possible

Certainly, the biggest surprise is the displacement of the engine in the middle of the vehicle. A new, very light 4.0 liter cleaner with direct injection and rigid valve train which brings it according to Restriktorgr├Â├če on about 510 PS is used. The power is transmitted via sequential six-speed transmission on the 310er rear tires. The new arrangement of the unit allows a larger rear diffuser as well as the shoring a downright monumental rear wing on the wing of the LMP1 Renner's 919 hybrid turned on is. The output of the 1,243-kilogram 911 RSR should therefore significantly improved.

Also in the race car driving AIDS

Another innovation is the installation of a radar-based collision warning system the so-called "Colission avoid system". So the stressed-out pilot on a monitor in the dark can detect early when approaching a faster vehicle (the speed differences to the LMP prototypes are far greater than you might think). According to Porsche, that helps "to avoid misunderstanding". Also a novel safety cage, as well as a racing seat that is screwed firmly to the vehicle contribute to improved security in the 911 RSR. Because of the rigid seat, adjustable pedals are used now (such as LaFerrari).

Faster screw

In addition to the safety has been studied on the serviceability of the new over-GT. All elements of the carbon body can now thanks to schlauerer quick release significantly fixer "in one piece" changed himself. In addition, the setting of the chassis has been simplified. If you have now madly fell in love the idea of Elfers with mid-engine nothing else probably you, as to visit more often a long distance race in the next year. That a Porsche 911 with concentric unit on the road in the series is, namely excluded. (black & white)