Electrical 1 + 2-study for Geneva

Cologne, February 20, 2017

At the Geneva Motor Show (9 to 19 March 2017), Toyota shows not only the totally revised Yaris series, but also the entire range of Motorsport vehicles. We thought at least. Until now. Now an another and admittedly somewhat slanted picture was published, to announce a foretaste of an additional highlight on the stand of the manufacturer. What does the mysterious light graphics? A rogue motorcycle named Toyota i TRIL concept.

More environmentally friendly in the future?

"Driving pleasure without any emissions" expects Toyota of the i TRIL concept. What we do know bi long? The design study was developed in the European Designzentrum ED square in Nice, it is electrically powered and she should "innovative approaches that make better and more environmentally friendly mobility of the future".

An alternative to established vehicles?

But Toyota is playing with the i-TRIL concept even more pie in the sky: an autonomous driving mode has the 1 + 2-seater also still about a so-called "active"lean-technology that automatically stabilizes the vehicle. More recently, Honda had introduced the similar system of "Motor riding assist" to the stabilisation of motorcycles. In contrast to classical two-wheeled vehicles the driver of i-TRIL concept must insert so not his feet at low speeds or in the stand. An alternative for small cars and motorcycles? We'll see. (ml)