Electric cars in Europe France moves ahead

France moves ahead

The French auto industry has set up early in the electric car. This is also reflected in the registration statistics.

France is the largest market for electric cars in Europe. In the first half of 2013 there 8,779 battery-powered passenger cars and commercial vehicles were allowed, as the French Embassy in Berlin tells. Strongest brand was around 6,000 units Renault, Nissan behind with 5,500 electric cars and smart followed with 1,500 vehicles. Figures for the full year are not yet available.

France has thus clearly suspended its European neighbors in terms of e-car. In Germany, only 3,000 vehicles were sold in the same period in Norway 2500. The pioneering role of France also has to do with the fact that Renault put the biggest car manufacturers in the country especially early on electromobility. While the German manufacturers are only now slowly bring individual e-Mobile on the market, Renault has the small car Zoe, the city car Twizy and Kangoo vans the three models already on the market. In France ' is the midsize sedan Fluence available.