Electric cars expensive adventure

Where the electric car in the average showroom an increasingly prominent role, struggling manufacturers, especially with the issue of how to make a profit with the sale. This is because consumers are not yet willing seem to pay extra for such a model.

At the Paris motor show, which starts today, make again many electric models make their debut for the public at large. Even Mazda, which until recently held the position that an electric car is indeed an exhaust pipe, which is on an industrial site sticks up into the air, announces now have two EV's. With the development of models such as the DS3 Crossback from the sleeve of PSA or the Mercedes-Benz EQC are the necessary billions involved, but such costs undermine profitability. To meet more stringent emissiedoelen to meet, it may just be that automakers the variants against loss have to sell.

"Everyone must realize that clean mobility is accompanied with extra costs. This is similar to organic food, that also tend to be more expensive," said Carlos Tavares. The boss of PSA says that the extra costs for cleaner cars must be accepted. If this is not done, then the European car industry is in danger. Others, including Renault, or new entrant Sono Motors, try an electric car as cheap as possible.

According to experts of consulting firm AlixPartners, the cost of production of an electric car an average of 7.800 euro higher than that of conventional cars. For plug-in hybrids that cost around 5,000 euro higher. Consumers will according to the experts, however, think twice before purchasing if that extra cost one-on-one is transposed into the selling price. Also, industry association ACEA warned previously for the expensive stekkerauto.

From Brussels, the rules for emissions tightened. By 2021 the emissions of carbon dioxide by 45 per cent are reduced. Automakers threaten that goal is not to get. They run the risk of fines of hundreds of millions of euros.

The last time the reduction of CO2 emissions in the automotive sector is growing after years of declines. This is by the multitude of SUVS being sold. Also be more petrol cars sold in place of diesels. Diesel engines emit more nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter, but less CO2.

Experts believe that automakers the threat of fines have already incorporated in their sales strategy. Instead of fines to pay, give the automakers would prefer to lose money with the sale of electric cars to this market going to help.