Electric Bike Bultaco Albero

Madrid, 7. November 2017

The Spanish brand Bultaco is probably the only dedicated motorcycle enthusiasts. The founded in 1958, the manufacturer, made in 1983, sealing, however, the brand name was revitalized a few years ago. Bultaco manufactures electric two-wheelers. Now the new Albero comes on the market.

The throttle as on a motorbike

The Albero shares the technical platform with the 2015 featured Brinco. During the Brinco is intended for off-road use, the Albero is a Bike for the City. Both are a mix of electric-bike and S-Pedelec (up to 45 km/h Related to the E-Bikes). The electric actuator is activated as in the case of a motorcycle, on the throttle. Regardless, however, there are pedals. The "Moto-Bike" (so-Bultaco refers to the type of vehicle) is available in two versions. The variant 2.5 for the use of, without insurance and without a license plate has 250 watts and 25 km/h. The Albero 4.5, however, has a 2 kW (2.7 HP) electric Motor with 60 Newton meters of torque and creates a 45 km/h. The electric motor drives the rear wheel.

Up to 100 km range

Both variants have three driving modes (Eco, Tour and Sport), which, in turn, should be used, if you want to achieve the maximum range. In Eco-mode up to 100 kilometers should be feasible, in the Tour mode up to 75 km, and in the case of sports up to 50 kilometers. The 1.3 kilowatt-hours-saving Lithium-ion battery hang under the frame. The 1.5-Kilo battery, you have to Charge to remove it. The front of it-travel a suspension fork with 130 mm, the rear a single 150-mm-spring. The 24-inch wheels are braked two hydraulic disc brakes. The Bike has an LCD Display and a rear-view mirror. The throttle is on the right, to the left there is a turning handle for the nine-speed circuit. The LED spotlight features 1100 lumens and a light sensor, tail and brake light work also with LED technology. The entire Bike weighs in at a pretty hefty 42 pounds.

For cosmopolitan urbanites

The Look the manufacturer describes as a Retro Design with a Touch of Café Racer to racing modified production motorcycles in the 60s were referred to. The Albero is available in the colors brown and silver. Is the Bike for "cosmopolitan city dwellers, looking for a different kind of locomotion". For the price of Bultaco is silent, however cheap the thing is: The Brinco there 5.190 Euro. Market introduction for the Albero is after the EICMA motorcycle show (9. to 12. November 2017 in Milan). There Bultaco wants to introduce as a further Premiere, the new Brinco R-B.(sl)