E-SUV BXi7 from 2019: as Borgward comes to us

Shanghai, April 21, 2017

In the big premieres fireworks of the Shanghai motor show 2017 this message slightly went down. In this crisp white electric SUV just for the local car fan more than just a side note is worth. That the German tradition manufacturer Borgward back is also currently "only" in China may have gotten around. It is the BXi7 shown here with you probably will return to Germany (and Europe), remained under the radar so far but surprisingly well.

Electric SUV for Europe

The BXi7 is the purely electric variant of the SUVs BX7 returned with the Borgward in 2015 after 50 years Absitnenz on the automobile world stage. Visually BX7 and BXi7 not too very different themselves. Only on the grill, you exchanged Längslemellen for a whole conglomerate of Rhombuses, the brand logo emblazoned in the Middle as the upper diamond. It underwent even the aprons to a little refresher. Blue accents also help to distinguish between the electric and the normal version of BX7. Also, the BXi7 for the first time features a two-tone leather interior.

Production in Bremen from 2019

Unfortunately we can offer no technical details to Borgward new E-SUV, simply, because so far nothing has been released. However, the batteries should come from LG Electronics. Borgward also plans a new plant in Bremen with the financial strength of the State Chinese truck manufacturer Beiqi Foton in the back. The start of construction for the 140,000-square-meter production facility is scheduled for beginning of 2018. Production is recorded according to Borgward in 2019. Then the BX7 and the BX5, a 4.50-meter midsize SUV, which is probably more important for the European market will roll in Northern Germany by the band. Both models will be offered not only as pure electric vehicles, but also as a plug-in hybrid variants. Overall, a production of up to 50,000 vehicles per year is planned at the new site.

In China soon with three models

The normal BX7 with 2.0 liter turbo gasoline engine and 224 HP is already for some time built in Miyun near Beijing, sold currently only in China. Production of the smaller BX5 is there also already underway. There is even a third vehicle in the pipeline with the crossover BX6. The BX6 to come end of 2017 on the market in China. (black & white)