E-class: Mini-Mopf and sharp AMG E 53

Stuttgart, 25. April 2018

Mini-Facelift for the E-class. Mercedes makes its Business the steamer, nor smarter, stronger, and if you also want to be a little bit nicer. For the new model year for the Limousine and T-model new assistance packages on S-class level, a sports package Style, two new and fairly powerful Diesel and a new, electrified AMG-athletes.

New Super-Diesel OM656 with 340 HP

You have to give it to, of most interest to you but anyway the new engines options. Here is the Daimler on the saddle, especially in the Diesel properly. New Top diesel engine of the E 400d, a double-turbocharged, inline six-cylinder with 340 HP and 700 Newton metres of torque. Euro-6d-Temp is of course. From 0-100 km/h in 4.9 seconds (T-model: 5.1 seconds), top speed 250 km/h. fuel Consumption: 5.5 to 6.1 liters. Price: from 62.719 Euro.

Stronger Four-Cylinder Diesel

A number of small it does? Then, the new 300d. The four-cylinder (OM 654) with 245 PS and 500 Newton meters is almost exactly 10,000 euros cheaper, but runs also very passable. From 0-100 offense of 6.2 seconds, the conclusion is also at 250 km/h. Oh, Yes: of Course, there will also be the E 200d 150 HP, as well as the E 220d with 194 HP.

New AMG E 53 teileketrisiert

New doing when it comes to AMG. The E 43 and its 401-horsepower V6 fly out. Comes in the E 53 including a new 3.0-Liter inline six with turbocharger and of the electrical auxiliary compressor. We know the power unit already from the new CLS. Also in the E-class, it makes 435 HP and 520 Newton meters. The Extra-starter generator provides temporarily an additional 22 HP and 250 Newton meters. 0-100 km/h? In a short 4.5 seconds. Top speed: Up to 270 km/h. price: from 79.248 Euro.

New Steering Wheel

If you know all of the latest Mercedes-Benz products, you may have noticed a slightly different steering Wheel. The controls for cruise control and the semi-Autonomous To sit there, in fact, easy to operate in the left-hand steering wheel spoke. When freshly ironed, E-class, the is now. The active distance cruise control itself can now do everything that he can in the S-class. Say: He uses the map data to, for example, intersections, entrances to towns or roundabouts to slow down.

Sport Style Package

If you find that the E-must class hang-up quite a little make-up, then you will be pleased, probably, the new sports Style package. It brings the bumpers, visors chrome tail Pipe, as well as the wheel arches, new 17-inch wheel in Ten-spoke Design. Inside there is a black headliner, special wood finishes and Alupedale. The Whole for € 1,250. The slightly revised E-class can be ordered now. Market launch is in June 2018.(sw)