Dutch fresh rocket

Lelystad (Netherlands), may 6, 2016

It's been ten years that the Dutch Donkervoort small volume manufacturers set the lap record for street-legal vehicles on the Nürburgring Nordschleife with his power Roadster D8 GTO. Recently Donkervoort moved out just a teaser with the silhouette of the new vehicle to the announcement of a new D8 model, now there's first pictures of the descendants of the record.

Audi-power of five cylinders

The newly developed car acts slightly more voluminous than its predecessor on the photos. The wider track of the new suspension should be to blame for this, which should provide more grip. The braking system is also new. Under the narrow hood, a heart of five-cylinder turbo Audi fails with 2.5 litre displacement and an optimized control of Bosch. Since it announced the new model as "the lightest and fastest D8 of all time", the Roadster should still surpass the previous maximum output of 380 HP. And even when the weight's going to probably still under the lean value of 730 kilograms of the last D8.

Nearly 180,000 euros

Special features of the new model, Donkervoort Announces automatic double-declutching and traction control. On request, the Interior can be, equipped with a center tunnel made of carbon, which reinforces the monocoque of the D8. The new vehicle will be released in three different versions. In the pictures, the D8 is to see GTO-RS, which is situated between the entry level model D8 GTO and the performance version D8 GTO-R. The GTO-RS will be limited to 40 copies. 21 of them have already been assigned to a price of nearly 180,000 euros to pre-order. (mf)