During an accident the backbenchers threatened danger

Munich, October 29, 2015

More and more cars are equipped with a third row of seats, even quite small as the Fiat 500L Living or the Opel Combo. But the inmates there also safe? This question is now the ADAC automobile club with a crash test followed. The conclusion of the testers: " The third row of seats should not be used permanently, but only when it is absolutely necessary. "

Headrests are pushed out of the vehicle

Properly secure the last row is not so. This is true at least for the Fiat 500L Living, the shortest seven-seater on the market. On this model, the tester simulated a rear impact at 60 km / h. It bounced the head of the dummy against the roof lining, which can lead to injuries. The heads of the rear passengers also come dangerously close to the collision zone, and the headrests are even forced through the rear window at impact. In a rear-end collision with a larger car, such as an SUV, there is a serious risk to the occupants, the crash experts.

Backrest remains stable

The good news: The backrest of the third row of seats remains stable. The support works well, even though the vehicle is relatively small and the distance between the backrest and the rear window is low. In large seven-seaters, the security is even higher, believe the testers. Generally, spacious cars are safest in a rear impact, since the distance between the backrest and the disk is large enough, the ADAC . ( sl )