Dreams of the future of lifestyle and individuality

Munich/London, 16 June 2016

Who has visions, may go to the doctor, Helmut Schmidt once recommended. BMW will not stop him but and vision next 100 after the BMW now shows the vision of mini and Rolls Royce. 100 and Rolls-Royce will be presented the mini vision next vision next 100 at the Roundhouse in London, a popular venue for rock concerts. The Quartet comes complete with the vision vehicle from BMW motorcycle that is unveiled in Los Angeles on October 16, 2016.

BMW vision next 100: joy of driving in the future

The topics are all visions together autonomous driving, digitization, and personalization. This, however, each brand is a fragrance brand. He was, of course, for the study of BMW brand claim "Driving pleasure" in the Center. How should she arise, if the autonomous driving? The answer: With a BMW the driver in the future would like to go still mainly own. The technique helps him, only through the electronic system the customer becomes the perfect driver to "Ultimate Driver". You but also allows to sit back and to devote his attention to other things.

Mini vision next 100: every mini is my mini

The core idea of the mini trial is a resource-friendly mobility. Under the motto "every mini is my mini" it comes to a new car sharing: the mini of future picks up his driver completely automated in the desired position and adapts to his lifestyle. Which is based on a comprehensive networked digital intelligence.

The Rolls-Royce vision next 100

Rolls-Royce is how should it be otherwise for luxury. The Interior of the Rolls-Royce vision next 100 becomes the private retreat to the "Grand Sanctuary". A kind of virtual Butler takes over not only the task of the chauffeur, but also other requirements of passengers. A mechanism allows the passengers to go from the vehicle. Innovative production processes and materials open up new possibilities for individual design to wheelbase and body shape.

Exhibition and discussions in London

An overall picture of future performances of the BMW Group will be the exhibition "BMW Group iconic impulse." The BMW Group future experience. ", which is in London until 26 June 2016 for the public accessible." Situations in the company's history, in which BMW has designed the future are on display. In addition, the exhibition offers information about key trends and views of the future. Also explains BMW's understanding of ecological and social responsibility. The so-called inner Rotunda of the exhibition is used for various events. Among other things, discussions of future issues are planned. (sl)