Draws now also 1,000-ton trains

Stuttgart/Berlin, 18 August 2016

There are probably world's not a vehicle that is as versatile talented like the good old Unimog. And should any manufacturer seriously made up hopes of a comeback have, then he can wrap up now, because Mercedes shows at Innotrans Berlin (for the less track-savvy readers: this is the leading international trade fair for the railway industry) the new Unimog U423. And he takes trains. On real tracks.

Draws up to 1,000 tons

After the slightly absurd smart Forrail we have to do it here already with the second Mercedes train within a short year. Even if the drain and prospects of the newest Unimog are likely to be considerably serious. The Unimog is powered with a long wheelbase of a 5.1 liter turbo-diesel with 231 HP and well 900 nm of torque. Thus, he has enough steam in the boiler seems to draw up to 1,000 tons of heavy loads. Say: You hang this Unimog a million kilos on the hook and he rushes away completely unfazed. The crazy feat of strength due to the "unique suspension concept" with permanent four-wheel drive, a torque converter clutch and drive on the rail (over the wheels of the Unimog) is possible.

Everything by remote control

Thanks to a special wagon brake system, the Unimog may draw pretty long trains. Everything up to 52 wagon axes is possible. The so-called "pivot plate rail" for particularly tight curve radii (for example, when tram tracks), as well as a remote control, the Mog control lets you also from his extended working platform includes lowered - lifting railway wheels, another sophisticated railway high-tech. The driving speed is infinitely variable in. We would recommend the maximum speed of 50 km/h, but not necessarily if you do just expertly to create a broken catenary.

Now also available with Euro-5

Mercedes apparently is the high efficiency of the new railway Unimogs in particularly important. There is talk of low maintenance costs and low fuel consumption. Not called probably good reasons a value, at 5.1 liters displacement. However, there are other advantages: the shift from rail to road should be very fixed, thanks to special wheels and tires can ride the Unimog on various international track sizes and because he now has a fire alarm and fire extinguishing system in the engine compartment, it may be used in the future even during passenger operation in tunnels. The final move that should give the new U423 international "breakthrough" success: Thanks to Euro-5 standard, he can do his work well in non-European markets, such as China or Russia. (black & white)