Diet Assistant

Ingolstadt, December 12, 2014

5.09 meters long and six feet wide, with its lush dimensions of the Audi Q7 polarized now for ten years. Now the successor is ready, it will be presented at the Detroit Auto Show ( 12 to 25 January 2015). This is not surprising really, but the Q7 is specifically designed for the customers in the US and Asia. Nevertheless, Audi is looking stronger consensus on the new edition.

slimmed down

From the outside, it becomes clear that the past, quite stocky Q7 basic shape is retained, but much more rough edges gets pressed into sheet metal. Striking is the three-dimensional framed grille, while the rear area of the A6 Avant recalls. We just said sheet? To save weight, the Audi engineers rely on a multi-material construction with increased aluminum content and more high-strength steels. The result makes Audi development chief Ulrich Hackenberg visibly proud: " A rate of 325 kg less weight of the new Q7 sets the benchmark in the competition. " Concretely, this means a curb weight of 1,995 kilograms to the basic version. Only the chassis brings making 100 pounds less on the scale. The dimensions of the Q7 is impressive: The length shrinks slightly to 5.05 meters, the wheelbase is 2.99 meters. 1.97 meters and 1.74 meters, the values ​​for width and height. Nevertheless, the space should be better than before. If the Q7 ordered as a seven-seater, fit in at least 295 liters of luggage, the five-seater, there are 890 liters. If the backrests of the second row folded to fit 2,075 liters of the rear end. An electrically operated tailgate is standard on board, opens on request and closes it at " Fußwischer ".

The very large TT

Interesting: The new Audi Q7 gets surcharge some things from the TT, including the virtual cockpit or a four-zone automatic climate control with temperature display in the encoders. In addition, the list of the extras is a lot here: A cross-traffic alert when leaving a parking assistant, at the same time it is pointed in getting out of possible pedestrians and cyclists. Up to a speed of 60 km / h, the top version of the speed control serves as an automated traffic jam assistant. For those who like to tow trailers with the Q7, the trailer wizard recommends. Here, the driver can operate the car with a trailer ranked by rotary control / push the MMI system. Speaking rank: Upon request, all-wheel steering is available, which strikes the rear wheels at an angle of up to five degrees. Who still has not enough, a head-up display, adaptive air suspension or a night vision system can order.

Premiere plug-in diesel

As of spring 2015, the first Q7 orders are accepted, in the summer of 2015, the car will be the merchants. The engine range consists initially of two six-cylinder engines: the 3.0 TDI with 272 hp and the 3.0 TFSI with 333 hp. Both units sprint in just over six seconds to 100 km / h, the diesel will be satisfied with 5.7 liters of fuel. Are always included an eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive with self-locking center differential and 18-inch model with size 235 tires. Prices should start at around 61,000 euros. A little later followed by other versions, such as a 3.0 TDI with 218 hp and especially for Asia and the US, a 2.0 TFSI with 252 hp. Gained a lot of places Q7 e-tron quattro. He is the first plug-in hybrid with diesel Audi. His system power is 373 hp, the consumption estimated by the manufacturer to 1.7 liters. Purely electrically to the current Q7 get up to 56 miles. (rh)