Diesel cheating costs 14 billion euros at least VW

Hair, 26 October 2016

The mood at VW may currently be equally bad at management and staff: CEO Madhu still do not know how much will cost the Dieselaffaire and on the staff downsizing and cuts the bonuses come to. At least a cost factor the compensations for the buyers in the United States is now clear: A U.S. judge has approved a multibillion-dollar comparison, as VW was now known.

Compensation of 5,100 to $10,000

Hundreds of stricken US car owners were prosecuted for the exhaust cheating against the German carmaker. The competent judge of the District Court for Northern California, Charles Breyer, now confirmed a comparison between plaintiffs and company. Now, all affected customers can login to their claims. The car owners receive compensation depending on the model and age of the vehicle. This is 5,100 dollars after the summary on the website of the Court (http://www.cand.uscourts.gov/crb/vwmdl/proposed-settlement) at 20 percent of the retail price of the September 2015, at least. Some owners will receive up to $10,000.

Choice: Conversion or redemption

In addition to the compensation the vehicle is either converted or bought back by VW. The car owner opts for repurchase, he receives the value of the vehicle by September 2015 repurchase value and compensation expected together, gets the owner of a VW Jetta TDI in 2009 depending on equipment 12.475 until 14.025 dollars. Owner of an Audi A3 TDI by 2015 get to 44.176 dollars.

Also environmental damage be compensated

The mentioned sums from a fund which is filled by VW with 10,033 billion dollars. To get two more cost gobs for Kamei: 2.7 billion dollars are flowing into a Fund, which is to compensate for environmental damage caused by the excessive nitrogen oxide emissions. In addition, VW must invest $2.0 billion, to encourage the use of electric vehicles according to VW for example by building charging stations. Together, that makes a total of 14.7 billion dollars or equivalent of 13.5 billion euros. There are also still the Attorney's fees.

Many questions open

With the agreement, a thick hunk on the way to the diesel crisis is now eliminated. But the overall costs remain more unpredictable. So, the comparison relates only the 2.0-litre diesel, but not the 3.0 TDI models. It is also unclear whether and how much money is to the VW shareholders which disadvantages may had delayed publication of the facts by VW. In addition, the compensation issue in Europe is still completely unclear. And there isn't about around 500,000 cars as in the United States, but to many millions. Worldwide, approximately eleven million passenger cars from the exhaust cheating are affected. (sl)