Detroit 2017: VWs with new ideas of self-propelled electric Bulli

Self-propelled electric Bulli

With the I.D.. buzz, Volkswagen on the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit (-22.1.2017) presented his idea of an eight-seater van with electric drive. The just under 4.95 meters long study has all-wheel drive thanks to Motors on both axes. The fully automated driving mode, as well as a new generation of display and control elements are vision of the future.

The range of the I.D.. buzz after the standard cycle should be up to 600 km. New energy receives the vehicle also inductive. About 30 minutes that 80 percent should take charge during a 150 kW.

The emission-free all-wheel drive with a system capacity of 275 kW / 374 HP (electric motor each with 150 kW front and rear) perfectly complements the dynamic character of the I.D.BUZZ. The version presented in Detroit of the I.D.. buzz mobilised a total capacity of 275 kW / 374 HP and accelerates in about five seconds to 100 km/h. The top speed is limited to 160 km/h.**In the fully autonomous mode "i.d. pilot" the steering wheel retracts, and the driver can turn his seat back and turn to fellow travelers. Laser scanners, Ultrasonic sensors, radar sensors, area view cameras and front camera then capture the environment; more traffic data is received via the cloud.**

The van instead projected key information using AR-(Augmented Reality)-head-up display in the driver's field of vision – in 3D, virtually on the road. Features such as the infotainment and air conditioning functions are operated via a removable tablet. The controls key to driving are located, however, in the steering wheel. Its interior has a touchpad of kind of not - as usual today - is equipped with spokes and keys The chassis provides upper-class comfort with electronically controlled dampers. (ampnet/jri)