Denza: electric, Daimler China

Shenzhen (China), 26. March 2018

Where is Daimler or Mercedes of the electric car? In the middle of 2014 we brought in this country, a electric B-class on the market, currently there are with the Smart ed, but only a single tender for current friends. Until the beginning of 2019, the EQ C will roll to the dealer. In China is already much further, with the Swabians of 2014 brought the Denza 400 on the market, the result of a Joint venture of Daimler and BYD. Now it shows the successor named Denza 500.

Whimsical instead of futuristic

In the year 2017, Denza was able to increase its sales volume compared to the previous year by 85 percent, partly because the Chinese government promotes electric mobility. Selected Mercedes dealers in China are now in charge of the distribution. You will soon get the Denza 500 in the sales rooms, a car from the Format of a B-class. The look is quite unusual, striking the retracted rear window. LED headlights are standard, with the addition of wave-shaped LED rear lights. The inside of the Denza driver faces a nine-inch touch screen.

Strong Range

A new battery and reductions in the amount of weight should allow for a range of around 500 kilometers, which also explains the name "Denza 500". Interesting: In China there are, according to Daimler over 112,000 charging stations. That sounds like a lot, but in the middle Kingdom, around 1.3 billion people live. Via the App, but also the personal Account on WeChat (the Chinese equivalent of WhatsApp, but with much more features), you can make the Denza-owner of a charging station in your area.(rh)