David Brown Speedback Silverstone

Geneva (Switzerland), 9. March 2018

What micro Lino, reputation, and David Brown have in common? Now, all three are small-scale producers. And the Trio has to have cars in the program, reminiscent of historical models, but modern technology. In the case of David Brown and his Speedback GT, which means that Aston-Martin-optics on the basis of the Jaguar XKR. Now Mister Brown to the spice, and shows at the Geneva motor show (8. to 18. March 2018), the "Silverstone Edition".

Dark Matter

Visually, the differences from the speedback GT, one is immediately struck into the eye: the Lack of bumpers, a diffuser at the rear, and larger air intakes at the side of the "Silverstone edition" (named after the location of corporate headquarters) to be more aggressive. The 20-inch wheels and the dark paint to fit. Inside you sit on special furnishings, in a light brown, the dashboard is chock-full with metal inlays and air vents in turbine style. In contrast to the speed back there is in the rear, no seats, but a shelf for Luggage. Keep you Seat but the so-called "Event", from the trunk out folding bench seat.

Whopping Performance

In terms of the performance, the Inspiration from the Jet age fits quite well: From the five-liter supercharged V8, the "Silverstone Edition" 609 HP and 766 Newton metres of maximum torque. After 4.2 seconds to 60 miles per hour (96 km/h), the maximum speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h. A six-speed automatic transmits power to the rear wheels. Get pleasure? Then you should be solvent and fast: Only ten copies will be built, costs the equivalent of around 695.000 euros without Transfer and taxes.(rh)