Dashing on S-class hunting

Detroit, 9 January 2017

Incredible work, incredible feat of engineering, is in the new Lexus LS with security as well as everything about it is completely new, much better and all you can think is this incredibly huge Grill. But somehow we must notice if you are against the concentrated German luxury competitors to Mercedes S-class, BMW 7 series and (the published new soon) Audi A8 want to stink. And for Lexus, it's now really highest railway, eventually goes old LS in its basic form at least since 2006. At the Detroit Auto Show 2017 indicate the Japanese now finally a completely new version of their flagship, loaded with tons of new technology.

90 kilos lighter

It all starts with the platform. The so-called GA L framework is divided with the recently introduced sport Coupé LC the new LS, however the chassis for the luxury Limo is properly stretched the wheelbase grows to gigantic 3.13 meters. Lexus promises that the new platform provides for a lower centre of gravity and a centralization of the mass. High-strength lower steel and aluminium the weight to about 90 kilos. Reinforcements in the engine compartment and stiffer axle beam to bring additional rigidity. All this is likely to make the new LS significantly more agile and dynamic.

New twin-turbo V6

Where we are at it: only one power source at the start is a new 3.5-liter Twin-Turbo V6 with 415 HP and 600 nm of torque. A version of this engine in the upcoming Toyota athletes with the surname will resurrect "Supra" ends up in May. In the new LS, it hangs on a ten-speed automatic (known also from the new BMW 6 series competitor LC), which will start as soon as a double clutch according to Lexus. The Japanese with 4.5 seconds give the 0-60-mph (0-97 km/h) value. For an increase in driving dynamics, the engineers access this time deep in the landing gear - bag of tricks. Active stabilizers, air suspension and rear wheel steering to be optionally available for the rear - or all-wheel drive LS.

The world's largest head-up display

Other technical highlights include a gigantöses 24-inch head-up-display (according to Lexus, the largest in the world), a kind of "Go mode" for the air suspension, which lowers the car and opens the cheeks of seat, as well as actively with guiding pedestrian detection, which is pedestrian in the lane and Herum directs in an emergency to them, without having to leave the track.

Longer and considerably flat

Also revamp the new Lexus makes a pretty huge leap LS front. The car is longer (5.23 meters), broad (1.90 meters) and above all considerably flatter (1.45 meters) than ever before. The increase in length and the deeper arrangement of passengers, much of Coupé artigere line is possible without affecting the headroom in the rear. Six instead of four side window underline the Teardrop shape of the roof line. Front there are wing-shaped LED lights and the XXL-chrome Grill, rear is the LS to recognize new tail lights with L signature.

Seats with all

Lexus has organic shaped the Interior according to his own words. Wood, metal, leather and the now typical ambient lighting to provide a high-quality interior feel. Sitting in the dashboard a 12.3 inch touchscreen with improved representation and the so-called Lexus remote touch control interface that responds well to hand-written input. An active noise cancellation is series. The LS also relies on the complete program of the latest Lexus assistance systems. The optional interior features include a 3D-Mark-Levinson-Soundsystem with speakers in the headliner and 28 adjustable front seats with heating, ventilation, and Shiatsu-massage function. All that is there on the chairs in the rear, which are additionally equipped with a footrest. The Fund Center behind the driver's seat also features a backrest adjustment and cannot be moved upwards, to facilitate the phase-out. The market launch of the new Lexus LS we expect for end 2017. prices are not fixed yet. (black & white)