Crazy World Record-Straightener

Beaulieu (United Kingdom), 27. March 2018

Do You Like Tractors? Fine! Matt LeBlanc, host of the TV cult show "Top Gear", too. Four tractors Matt calls his Own. Only Problem: Really fast you are not everyone and holding up the traffic. The solution: a Lot of power and plenty of speed. Came out of the "Track-Tor", a genuine world record vehicle.

Mega Tractor with V8

As the Name suggests, is the "Track-Tor" no Executor of the rod. It is powered by a 5.7-Liter V8 from Chevrolet with over 500 HP, with the addition of 54-inch tires on the rear axle and an adjustable air suspension, in order to vary the ground clearance. Usually tractors have brakes only on the rear wheels, the "Track-Tor" which is on all four wheels. Each rear wheel can be individually braked. Is rounded off by the appearance of LED lamps from the Ariel Atom and a orange paint job in Lamborghini style. As vehicles of the "Top Gear" are always a little crazy, there are brush as an accessory with a rotating boot cleaning and spade holder.

A new world record

But it is even more crazy, because of the "Track-Tor" has surpassed the 2015 established world record for the fastest tractor. In mid-February 2015 raced Ex-world rally champion Juha Kankkunen, with a 7.7-ton, and officially 250-horsepower Valtra T234 about a 2.3-kilometre-long Ice in Lapland. The result: 130,165 km/h. With the silent racing driver "The Stig" at the Wheel of the "Track-Tor" now, 140,334 km/h. Who would want to see the fast-paced horse in person, in the National Motor Museum in the UK Beaulieu the opportunity to do so. There is the "Track-Tor" in addition to other Highlights of the recent Top-Gear-story of how the "Ssangyacht" or the Taxis with high mileage. Also, the panel with the lap times of the prominent guests can be seen.(rh)