Crazy Green Monster

Affalterbach, December 1, 2014

Mercedes - Benz is planning a kind of sequel to his crazed G 63 AMG 6x6. These are 4x4 to a higher specified version of the already available G 63 AMG. The new model is about the same as the 6x6 drivetrain have. The developments in the field differentials and suspension will be incorporated to improve the already excellent terrain features again. As seen in the pictures, a little camouflaged prototype is currently in the testing phase. The extreme off-road vehicles will be introduced as early as 2015.

Green Monster with extreme ground clearance

The internally as " Green Monster " declared due to its prototype color G 63 AMG 4x4 to be driven by the famous 5.5 - liter twin-turbo V8. As in the normal G 63, at the aggregate 544 hp and 760 Newton meters that go through a seven-speed automatic shift to all four wheels. There are special grounds ratios and three separate differentials. The G 63 4x4 is significantly higher therefore come as his civilian G - siblings. He is said to have the same ride height as the G 63 6x6 that has a ground clearance of 460 mm and a depth of 1,000 watts millimeters.

Substantial G-Class Facelift 2017

It remains unclear whether the extreme G-Class - entrant takes over the monstrous 37-inch wheels of his large triaxial brother. The flared wheel arches of the prototype indicate, however, that the G 63 AMG is likely to be frosted 4x4 bit bulkier than the normal G 63 with its 20-inch wheels. After Mercedes thus brings the next hardcore variant of the G-Class on the market next year, is already working in the background feverishly on a substantial facelift of the off-road luminary. 2017 a refurbished G-Class come on the market. The changes go to the main features of the platform and to make the SUV above all much easier. (sw)