Cosmic Lamborghini

London (United Kingdom), 2. August 2017

One of the biggest car fans in the music industry, Jay Kay, the front man of Jamiroquai in addition to Nick Mason of Pink Floyd is undisputed. The Fans saw at the latest in 1996, when Jay, a Ferrari Logo instead of the horse on the Cover of the album "Travelling Without Moving". The most successful Single of the album was called "Cosmic Girl" and got a Video with a myriad of super sports cars. One of them is now offering the British car sales platform "Auto Trader".

Video hero with a vivid color

The Lamborghini Diablo, however, is enjoyed because of its paint not for the shy time: A bright purple catches your eye. Rarely the color is from all, add to this, that it is in the car, one of only 16 right-hand-drive Diablos. In the Video of "Cosmic Girl" were two identical Diablo on the road, but was destroyed in an accident. Number Two of the now offered the car from the estate of Jay Kay. He, too, was not spared from damage: During the shoot, a camera fell on the windshield of the Diablo. In the episode, Jay Kay, driving a car without disc decided.

Cheap the Diablo is not

The conditions for a sought-after rarity are so good: Rare color, rare model, traceable history and a prominent previous owner. Jay Kay bought the Diablo in 1996, Amari Supercars in Preston, UK, where he is now waiting for its new owner. Previously the car was owned by a German collector. The has called up its price: 549.995 pounds, the equivalent of well-615.000 Euro. A brand new Lamborghini Aventador SV is much cheaper ...(rh)