Cool Camaro crossover

Shanghai, April 20, 2017

On the auto Shanghai Chevrolet 2015 was a study called find out new roads (FNR). She was so futuristic that nobody gave you only stand a chance of realization. Now the car has turned into something more realistic and so he reverses again auto Shanghai (19-29 April 2017) where as FNR-X.

Very chic crossover model

The car was developed by the same team from the General Motors joint venture Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC). But he has much more than the name no more in common with the study by 2015. He is a very smart crossover model, whose self-conscious Karosserie reminiscent of the Camaro. The Interior is however futuristic, and a plug-in hybrid system provides for the drive.

Active elements of aerodynamics

In addition, the FNR-X has an Adaptive suspension, which automatically adjusts the ground clearance of the road conditions. The driving modes V (versatility, so flexibility) and S (sport) further extend the possibilities of the vehicle. Active aerodynamics elements improve the consumption and performance. The front and rear bumper, as well as the side their vertical position change depending on driving mode. There is also a aperture in the grill, which can be opened and closed depending on whether just more air or better aerodynamics are required. There's similar show also on the wheels. To improve the aerodynamics, the exterior mirrors were replaced with tiny cameras on thin arms.

Ambient light depending on driving mode

Behind the counter opening doors, a tidy Interior comes to the fore in a mode-dependent lights spread a pleasant atmosphere. In the middle of the cockpit, several other displays on the dashboard and the central console come to a large hexagonal touch screen. The instruments are designed as display. There are in the most current design studies - only a few buttons.

Sensors that listen and watch

The high-tech elements include numerous sensors that should open up autonomous driving skills. Optical and acoustic sensors connected to the entire body to find the optimal driving line in complex Verkehrssitutationen. The augmented-reality display is to increase security. It enables a 270-degree view of interrupted not by roof pillars backwards and to the side. Such items bring one back to Earth and show: Unfortunately, this car is a study and not a production car. (sl)