Classic herb and beautiful

Las Vegas (USA), 3. November 2017

Most of the cars on the Tuning-Messe SEMA (27. October to 3. November 2017) in Las Vegas, more for the automobile Wow-ej group. Really classic and true to style this Toyota Land Cruiser of series J4, which was built from 1960 to 1986, on the other hand.

A Series Of Restorations

The Las Vegas model shown was restored by the FJ Company fundamentally. The company from Miami is doing this, not only in individual cases, but in series, wherein the customer can specify the exact configuration. The one on the SEMA shown edition model is based on a FJ43 1981, one of the many sub-types for the J4. The letter F stands for a 3,9-litre in-line six-cylinder with carburettor and 125 PS. The 3 at the end indicates the Version with a soft top and a medium wheelbase. As with all J4 (except for the rear-drive FJ42) had four-wheel drive, the FJ43, wherein the front axle could be turned on. In addition, the J4 featured a ladder frame and two rigid axles.

The body and Chassis are original

The rebuild of the Original body and the Original Chassis. However, these were renovated so basic that they are, according to the FJ Company as good as new again. The two-door open bodywork was painted in light grey and with a hood of the same color. Also the black mirrors aluminum were added by FJ Company.

New V6 Engine

For the drive of the car, a new Toyota engine. This is a 4.0-Liter V6 with 242 HP, which is also used in the current U.S. model of the Land Cruiser, and is combined with a six-speed manual transmission from Toyota. Like the Original, the special edition model leaf springs, but modern shock absorbers, and four-wheel disc brakes from the current Toyota 4Runner, only in the United States offered SUV. The Whole stands on a Mud-Terrain or All-Terrain tires in size 285/70/17.

Suspender belts in an off-roader

In style, looks real the car's exterior, so bad, he was played inside: The modern Recaro sport seats with harness straps fit to the classic off-roader. The Same is true for the center console with a iPad for the music channels. Style really are cranks, however, the window, the pedals, the gear and the four wheel drive lever, as well as the Zugknöpfe on the dashboard – all in plain Black. The dashboard itself is finished in the exterior color, while the insides of the doors and the seats with a customer-chosen leather.

At around 73,000 Euro this is it

The Las Vegas car shown is one of only 24 pieces of a "Signature"Edition. With 200,000 US dollars (the equivalent of about 171,000 Euro) this Version is a very expensive pleasure. But restored FJ43 models of FJ Company, there are already for 85,000 dollars (73,000 euros). Here, the customer can configure his desire to model starting from a recently rebuilt Auto.(sl)