Chum! Darda rushes off again

Roth - Eckersm├╝hlen, 8 December 2015 Conversion

Anyone who has spent his childhood in the 1970s and 80s in West Germany, came to the tracks and cars from Darda probably not over. Legendary are the streaker who are drawn or fore-aft, then whizzing speedily in a special train. They are as swift as an arrow to ensure that they even create multiple loops ?? and all without electricity.

Wind-up of 24 parts

1970, 45 years ago, Helmut Darda had imagined a clever spring engine for toy cars. The tinkerer bugged it that were lost in the conventional nursery racers either the winding key or the expensive batteries were exhausted quickly. After years of tinkering the father of two sons his drive had then done ?? This consisted of 24 parts and was considered the smallest and fastest movement engine in the world. The name Darda was registered as a word and figurative mark. Until 1993 the company by Helmut Darda set in the Black Forest ago cars and trains themselves. Then the system was sold in the United States. After a few more changes of ownership, the brand is now located under the roof of Simm Toys GmbH in Middle Franconia Roth - Eckersm├╝hlen.

Six racetracks

Just in time for Christmas, the company now wants to start again. How succeed in the digital age of smartphones, apps and video games, abzuwarten.Vielleicht remains there even a number of fathers who want their offspring close to bring the cool mechanics of her own childhood. For the comeback Darda has launched six new circuits for prices between 27.99 euros and 59.99 euros. The program for beginners starts with a three-meter-together from individual parts track called " Police track " including two loops. The car is in this case, a Porsche 911 GT3 in scale 1:60. The new top - piste called " DTM Turbo Fighter " and is 5.30 meters long. On her two loops and two high banked curves have to be overcome. As Renner 's DTM Mercedes C-Class Coupe " Petrov " and the DTM Audi RS 5 are " Rockfeller " here.

35 different racing cars

All tracks can be expanded as desired with purchasable connectors. In the cars, there are 35 different models for almost ten euros each. Separately are to have stop-and-go - motors. With them, the cars whizzing releasing only when they are triggered ?? So it pays to be positioned several cars on the track. In a really long haul spectating can be fun: After one-time raising the small Renner to create on the line, after all, more than six feet ?? or up to seven loops . ( hd )