Chevrolet opens the Corvette ZR1

Los Angeles (USA), 29. November 2017

More Corvette can't. At least not from the factory. At the Los Angeles Auto Show, 2017 (1. to 10. December) shows Chevrolet the insane ZR1. And that's not all: for the First time since 1970, the Corvette ZR1 as a Roadster.

Less Fresh Air Supplement

Surprisingly, the price to the market launch of the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 in the spring of 2018: 119.995 US dollars are called without local taxes, the open version costs only $ 4,000 more. Converted that would be about 101.000 Euro, in the absence of an official export Grey importers are likely to impose a significant surcharge.

Power to the hilt

What you get as a value? Now, the open Corvette ZR1 is only 27 kg heavier than their fixed-welded counterpart. Possible to use the aluminium Chassis, based more weight on the convertible top Hardware makes it. The cap opens and closes to 48 km/h. A trifle, in view of the monstrous power of the 6.2-Liter V8 with compressor: 765 HP and 969 lb-ft of torque. Under three seconds from zero to 100 km/h and for a good ten seconds for the quarter mile. To 341 km/h, the coupe brings with it, a value for the Roadster, Chevrolet conceals.

Two-Fold In Poultry

Standard is a "Low Wing"rear wing is mounted, against the $ 3,000 fee, but the "ZTK Performance Package" with adjustable huge wing (and "only" 322 km/h top), a front splitter with Carbon fiber, Michelin tires of the variety of Pilot Sport Cup 2, as well as the intricacies on the chassis. Four new chillers to increase the number of coolers in the ZR1 to a total of 13. The exhaust system allows four different modes: in Stealth Mode, the ZR1 is quieter than the Corvette Z06 in Track Mode, however, is significantly louder.(rh)