Caught: The New 911 Speedster

Munich, 13. April 2018

The next Generation of the icon is already impatient in the starting block. The Porsche 911, series 992, is likely to be 2018 presented. But before it is ready, ignite the Zuffenhausen-based company is the last large fireworks for the current 991. At least this erlkönig images of a mysteriously shaped Elfers. It is likely to be the new edition of the 911 Speedster. You may remember: From the 997, there was – after a long absence – also a Speedster. This is expected to rise in the world of sports but solid.

Concealment is futile

As you can see on the pictures, Porsche has done a lot to hide the unique Design-the tricks of the Speedster. The connoisseur will notice, nevertheless, quite quickly, what he has here. The characters of the famous Double-Bubble rear part is seen as well as a tight-fitting soft top and a more inclined windshield. The lower part of the soft-top you have to ignore for the serial version, here are the well-known Speedster will then sit-hump.

Speedster with the GT3-genes

Interestingly, the new 911 Speedster appears to be on the current 911 GT3 (the predecessor used as the Basis of the Carrera GTS). Indicators are apron to a more massive front end with larger air intakes, the two Central exhaust tailpipes, bigger brakes and wider rear. That would push the 991 Speedster despite his stressed life styligen phenomenon more evident than ever in the Performance corner. The GT3-Thesis, true a 4.0-Lier-six-cylinder-vacuum cleaner with 500 horsepower and a Maximum speed of 9,000 tours underneath the Speedster-hood most likely. You expect – Speedster-Tradition – a six-speed manual transmission. Porsche's seven-speed dual-clutch is likely to be an Option.

Debut in Paris?

The new 911 Speedster will probably come a little later in the year on the market. Maybe he will debut at the Paris auto salon in October or a month later in Los Angeles, but maybe a little earlier. In any case, as always, two-seater, generously-equipped and strictly-limited-edition Speedster is expected to send the Porsche 991 due to retirement.(sw)