Caught: Porsche Macan

Hair, 7. May 2018

You might know it from your Childhood: Hardly a new brother is here, it gets the full attention. So you have to think of something, in order to remain interesting. At Porsche, the parents take care of it yourself: After the Cayenne has been completely renewed, it is now important to keep the four-year-old Macan attractive. A Facelift should address it, the herträgt already a prototype, almost standing in front of him.

Sharpened Profile

Too serious the Changes are not, finally, the Porsche Macan is selling as good as ever. In fact, he is moved optically closer to the new Cayenne: Narrower turn signals in the front of a modified front bumper, smaller rear lights, according to the nature of the big brother. We expect digitized instruments and improvements to the infotainment system. In addition to more assistance systems.

In the short term, not a Plug-in Hybrid

Under the sheet metal is not expected to do so much, because the Porsche Macan is based on the old Audi Q5. A Plug-in Hybrid seems to be so excluded, in order to compensate for the in February 2018, the absence of Diesel. Only the all-new Macan, a part-time Stromer is likely to come. Porsche can time, because of the popular base gasoline engine, a four cylinder engine with 252 HP of power, and meets economic claims.(rh)