Carry two bicycles in station wagon

Frankfurt, June 21, 2016

It has the bicycle rack on the roof, then squeaks and groans of tortured bicycles in every serpentine bend. One has him back on the trailer hitch, you no longer so easy get to the tailgate. Both alternatives is still the risk of theft or damage to, as well as the certainty that increases fuel consumption. The best, safest, and fuel-saving works fine wheels inside the transport. Honda now presents a new transportation system for the trunk of the civic tourer.

Large cargo space with much depth

The Interior bike rack allows the transport of one or two bicycles in the cargo hold. While the carrier uses the very large with 1,668 litre trunk of the Honda station wagon: letting the Skoda Octavia Combi (as a cross between compact and mid-size), no other combination this class offers so much storage space when rear seats folded to and roof-high loading. For transport, expanded the front wheel and the bike with the rear set forward in the cargo hold. The front fork engages with her falling into a kind of pseudo-axis, so the bike is fixed. Also upstairs standing arm holds the front wheel. It used the fact that the fuel tank is positioned unusually far forward at the civic.

Available from October 2016

The carrier allows multiple seat configurations. The most obvious: Driver and passenger sit in front, behind their two wheels are transported standing. Is only a bike on board, only the smaller part of the back seat needs to be flipped. Place leaves in addition for a third passenger. The new system is available from October 2016, Honda not yet communicated the surcharge. To Pedaleure, the Japanese seem at present but especially to make efforts. Only in January 2016, the brand introduced a civic tourer as a mobile workshop: the fork of the broken bicycle is used in a special holder at the trunk output when a front wheel. The rear wheel protrudes upward from the rear and you can make repairs it. (sl)