Car Care after the winter vacation Decluttering saves money

Decluttering saves money

Is the car Holidays over, begins for man and car back everyday. Then you should prepare his vehicle. And who cleans and clears out his car after the winter trip, his next fuel bill can even reduce a little.

Stressful it is the holiday season and for the car. Careful preparation is only half the battle, even after the vehicle has to be revamped. Not only for the big holiday trip in summer quickly correct gas-guzzlers accumulate. Even those who continue to go with boots or winter sports equipment, it pays at the gas station.

The biggest extra fuel consumers is the roof box. It provides a higher air resistance and thus fuel consumption for longer, according to the ADAC, up to two liters per 100 kilometers. Therefore, it is advisable to immediately dismantle the roof box after the trip again. Even the trunk is urgent to get rid of ballast holiday, because every kilo of excess weight is also here at the expense of consumption.

With clearing and dismantling it is not yet done. After a long drive, possibly through mud and snow, a visit to the car wash is on. The aggressive mix of road salt, dirt and moisture can damage the paint and bodywork. Rust is the result.

After that the car is a technology check subjected. The tire pressure must be checked and, if necessary to reduce again after adjusting to full load. The same applies to the headlight adjustment. Also coolant, windscreen wiper water and oil levels are best checked by the long-distance drive. Then driving remains in everyday life a sure thing.