Camp Bullis in color

Hanover, June 14, 2016

A transporter for the electrician must be like grey, a speed camera car has to be even. But a Campingmobil, here you go, may be sometimes colored. So there's the camping Bulli, officially called VW, California red as ocean, ocean blue and Ocean Grey.

Colored bellows on the roof of the installation

The names of the models indicate already the essence: you put on the roof, a bellows in red, blue or grey is revealed. Optionally there's a matching two-tone paint for the body in red, blue and white or grey. Otherwise the Edition cars based on the California Ocean, the highest of the three trim levels of the campervan (Beach, coast, Ocean). In addition to the colours, the newcomers offer also features such as LED headlights and dark covered rear lights, privacy glass, a chrome package, 17-inch alloy wheels, and Alcantara seats. Also heater, automatic climate control, chrome package, light & sight package, as well as entry lights, insulating double glazing and electric pull support for the tailgate and sliding door are standard. Getting on board the new floor in wood finish is available in a bright and a dark version.

The highlight is the seating group

In addition, the equipment includes camping features such as rotating front seats and built-in blinds to the blackout. However, the highlight is the removable camping table in the sliding door, which yields a sitting together with the folding chairs in the rear door. As in all California Ocean, a kitchen with stainless steel sink, 42 litre cool box and two burner gas stove ensures the comfort of campers. The convertible double bed on the upper floor is a basic feature of California. The electro-hydraulic Aufstelldach lifts and lowers by simply pressing a button and creates a bed of 1.20 x 2.00 m. The reclining seat Bank in the Fund, which can fold down to a lying surface offers additional sleeping possibilities. The vehicle height is 1.99 meters on all California models.

25 percent cheaper than price list according to

The prices for the available now Special Edition grey start at 63.409 euros. The versions in red and blue are minimally more expensive 63.635 euros. Not just a bargain, but even the cheapest California euros already 44.363. VW is the price advantage of the editions Bullis compared with a similarly equipped series model with 25 percent. Engines are diesel with 102, 150 or 204 HP to the election. There's also a 2.0 TSI with 150 or 204 PS.(SL)