Camouflage and delete

Leonding ( Austria ), May 5, 2015

If you 've ever wondered who has the most famous and successful ARFF the world on offer (who has not thought about it? ), Then direct your gaze times discreetly in Upper Austria Leonding. There, the fire service outfitter Rosenbauer sitting including his awesome-looking panther. The Panther is so to speak the VW Golf under the ARFF vehicles. He can look back with an appearance in "Transformers 3" even on a veritable Hollywood career. And because Rosenbauer would like to hold up the popularity of the four, six or even eight-wheeled flames shredder unchanged, now is the successor in the wings.

World's first fire department Erlkönig

The is being diligently tested specifically in camouflage. According Rosenbauer is the first fire department Erlkönig the world. He is one of two prototypes and is used for Dauerbelastungs-and crash tests for the crew cabin. On 7 June 2015, the now already the fourth generation of the Rosenbauer Panther should then commit to the trade fair in Hannover Interschutz its world premiere.

More than 1,000 HP

Pretty big Volvo engines do depending on the version more than 1,000 hp and bring the Panthers up to 140 km / h. Brand new are the front fascia, a new " innovative light design " and the complete extinguishing technology, which consists of two new high-performance pumps, a new premixing system and two new launchers. Inmates will also be rewarded with a better all-round visibility and a more stable ride. In addition to the new models Panther 4x4 and 6x6 Panther Rosenbauer presented at Interschutz 2015, customer cars Panther S 6x6 and 8x8 . ( sw )