California vacation

Düsseldorf, 26 August 2016

Since the blessed days of the Bulli the VW commercial vehicles are inextricably with camping. I'm sure that the brand that's why salon in Düsseldorf (27 August to 4th September 2016) should not be missing on the caravan. In the luggage, VW has a colorful Special Edition trio and a clever package for the Caddy beach.

Beautiful located in the T6

Coloured eye-catcher in Hall 16 is the VW California Ocean on the basis of the T6. There's him "Red", "Blue" and "Grey" as a special model. As the name say the bellows is in red, blue or grey held. Optionally, also a two-tone paint is available. An electro-hydraulic Aufstelldach, LED headlights, Alcantara seats and an automatic climate control on board are equipped as standard. Camping chairs are stowed in the rear door, the associated table located in the sliding door. The luxurious appearance has its price: the gray ocean of California starts with 102 PS diesel at 62.278 euros, red and blue cost 62.504 euros each.

Space is available in the smallest hut

What there is on the VW stand still to admire? For example, a California beach Edition in bright yellow with 18-inch wheels or the Panamerica, a 20 mm up the Multivan with all-wheel drive. It will cost at least 48.290 euro. A well-thought-out idea for two people is the all track Pack for the Caddy beach. He has a bed with 2.00 metres times 1.10 meters lying surface on board. For additional 3,290 euros, the package offers in addition a table with two chairs, a cooler, a tent, but also 17-inch alloy wheels. (rh)