Cairo - Cape Town and more

Stuttgart / Oberframmern, February 6, 2015

Strangely, the press release comes from Daimler, but wearing red Mitsubishi logo. Well, the explanation is easily found: Mitsubishi Fuso once belonged to the Japanese automaker, but is a trademark of the Daimler Group since 2011 ?? with unchanged logo. Fuso normally represents more brittle stuff here, namely trucks. The most popular commercial vehicle company, the Canter, but is also the basis for a new expedition vehicle manufacturer that arouses emotions in travel enthusiasts: the Bimobil EX 460th

For long distance travel off the road

Who are you traveling from Bavaria to Bangkok or from Cairo to Cape Town, need one thing: a sturdy four-wheel vehicle, where you can also sleep ?? which creates distance to lions, militias and what else is running around wildly. With its robust truck engineering and the selectable four-wheel drive, the Canter 4x4 is a good basis for such a vehicle. Traction on all paths ensures a four-cylinder turbo diesel with 175 hp from 3.0 liters, the maximum torque is 430 Newton meters. The switchable reduction halves the maximum speed in any gear and doubles simultaneously traction. There is a standard limited slip differential on the rear axle is available, bringing the traction again increased. A few ground Dimensions: The ground clearance of up to 32 inches, the Angle of approach 35 degrees.

Tag known motorhome specialists

The Canter is converted to long-haul 4x4 vehicle by the company Bimobil in Oberpframmern near Munich, since 1977 offering a variety of camping Mobile ?? focusing on all-terrain vehicles travel distance. The structure is complicated by the manufacturer in isolation. Branch guard to protect against damage and the camper cover skirt made of corrugated sheet metal from the chassis. From the two-seat cabin is accessed by a lockable pass to a seating for four. Behind it there is a kitchen, a wardrobe, the washing and toilet room and a separate shower cubicle. At the rear, a double bed completes the living room.

About 1.8 tons of payload

Under the bed is a storage space that is accessible from the outside via a plurality of flaps. Here are tanks for 200 liters of water and 120 liters of waste water as well as the spare tire mounted. In addition, there is room for 1,500 liters of luggage. The Bimobil EX 460 is 6.44 meters long, 2.22 meters wide and 3.15 meters high. With a gross vehicle weight of 6.5 tons, the car offers a payload of 1,850 kilos for passengers and equipment ?? which should offer themselves for long enough reserves adventure travel . ( sl)