British Landei- unique from the Designer

London ( UK), March 23, 2015

Fashion designer and self-confessed Land Rover Defender fan of Sir Paul Smith has designed a special utility vehicle together with the British automaker Land Rover and decorated by hand. The unique product has now been revealed in Smith's shop in Mayfair, United Kingdom.

true colors

As a basic vehicle had to serve 90 a normal Land Rover Defender. The outer skin of the design bedrock is now adorned by 27 different colors, the complexions were selected by Smith himself. Here, the designer wanted his own words " rich colors together cause a surprise. "

Leather, fabric and hidden details

In addition to the exterior design, the designer also provided for an exclusive interior design. The Briton used for the seat covers a mix of leather and fabric. Black leather together with blue contrast stitching covers and dashboard and door panels. In addition, there are many hidden details in the car. These include a cast of a set of keys in the glove compartment, a hand painted bee on the roof or a new analog clock in the center console.

Deadline for all from the end of 2015

Buy it will not be the work of art well and who wants to purchase a serial Defender should hurry: The grounds Lord 's final namely the end of 2015 retired and is no longer manufactured. Currently, the new price for a Defender 90 starts at 31,290 euros yet . (ml)