Bottom lucky star

Berlin, July 16, 2014

Hundreds of thousands were celebrating the return of the freshly baked Football World Cup 2014 in Brazil. From the airport we went for the first European team has ever won a World Cup that was held in South America, right across the capital Berlin. Then that you can not simply the football gods in darkened coaches a break from their party marathon begrudge, but it sets the media effectively and with much fanfare in the scene and so the masses involving, is now as safe as Jogi Löw's next outburst in the dugout.

secret star

Was from the popular motorcade of fans so unceremoniously a truck parade with the whole team and so for us, of course, apart from the players, the parade vehicle of the secret star of the event.

The fourth star

In keeping with the fourth star on the chest, the German players were chauffeured by a vehicle with a star. The tractor, a Mercedes Actros 1863 LS with 625 hp pulled the especially made for the parade trailer.

Unreal engine data

The technical data of the truck act just as unreal as the 7-1 win for the German team against Brazil. The six-cylinder diesel engine develops 625 hp and a force of 3,000 Nm at just 1100 r / min. Where did all the power come from? From 15.6 liters course. Power is transmitted through a comprehensive 16 gears automatic transmission. It is also interesting that the engine has an expected service life of approximately 1.2 million kilometers. The jubilation rides through Berlin should therefore be secured for the next 1000 world title.

Refrigerated semi-trailer

" The inquiry into the Daimler AG came at very short notice, but we have worked hard to implement a world champion this very sporting challenge ," commented Bernd crown, the builder of the trailer to match. In just four days succeeded to the crown team from a refrigerated semi-trailer to make a mobile stage and deliver it together with two other Mercedes Travego coaches to Berlin.


In four years, the next World Cup takes place. Miroslav Klose then plays the oldest inventory his fifth World Cup, Thomas Müller overtaken as the second German player Ronaldo in the all-time best list of World Cup goals and goalkeeper Manuel Neuer makes the first hat-trick in the regular 90 minutes of play. Wishful thinking, sure, but the truck parade is then probably inevitable. Well, the Mercedes and the Crown team now instead of four days will have four years to prepare for the fifth Star triumph. (ml )