Borgward returns home

Bremen, 26 October 2016

He is indisputably one of the great names of the Bremen industrial history: Borgward. From the 1920s up to the controversial bankruptcy in 1961, about 1.2 million vehicles of the brands Borgward, Lloyd and Goliath were made in the capital of the Weser. After the name of Borgward with Chinese help again for 2015 emblazoned on cars, now follows the next surprise. It plans to build of a manufacturing facility in Bremen. This was announced at a news conference with the Mayor Carsten Sieling.

Close to the great port

We therefore object to first the facts: Walker were crucial, according to Borgward CEO Ulrich the proximity to the international port in Bremerhaven, where every year tens of thousands of new cars are handled, the good availability of skilled workers and the supplier industry. Where exactly the production occurs is defined in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, Mercedes vehicles are built at the former Borgward plant in Bremen Sebaldsbrück. Therefore, talks are held with landowners and production partners. The economically burdened City-State of Bremen is in the boat, once there in the last few decades many industries are broken away.

German production from 2018

The construction of the new production is planned for beginning of 2017, from 2018, the all-electric version of the SUVs BX7 to be here with the Borgward comes to Europe. In China the 4.70 metre BX7 is already since June 2016 with a Turbo petrol engine on the market, there are already 15,000 orders. The Bremer manufacturing should act in close cooperation with the Chinese Borgward plant in Miyun near Beijing. The Chinese commercial vehicle group Foton behind Borgward.

Kit Assembly in Bremen

In Bremen, initially will be in between 50 and 100 jobs. SKD production with an annual capacity of up to 10,000 vehicles is planned. SKD means "Semi-knocked down", here the BX7 from China is delivered, that only a limited number must be installed parts, adjustments to the European market including. CKD ("completely knocked down"), could be followed, where complete vehicles are assembled. In the first step, Borgward plans the construction of a production hall with around 10,000 square metres and a similar large outdoor area.

Production "Made in Germany"

However, Borgward is realistic and expects no sales figures at the level of the big manufacturers in Europe. Walker knows also Ulrich: "The production is designed from the ground up flexibly and is designed so that we can both at any time adjust the production numbers as well as the number of models to the requirements, so increase." The production with the quality seal "Made in Germany" for electric and plug-in hybrid versions of the smaller BX5 and another series is planned. The list of suppliers is interesting: in addition to continental, Schäffler/SKF, BorgWarner and KUKA, Webasto also Bosch and the LG battery group to join in the boat. Christian Borgward, the grandson of the former founder, looks especially the emotional component of the decision for Bremen: "It's indescribable what compelling dynamic my grandfather's work is now continued,!" (rh)