BMW X7: First pictures

Munich/Spartanburg (USA), 20. December 2017

Six times X: Actually, one would not assume that there is a lack of BMW SUVs. But particularly, the U.S. market is hungry for a really big model, preferably a seven seater in the Format of a VW Atlas (5,04 meters) and Mercedes GLS (5,13 meters). Said and done: the end of 2018 BMW brings the G07 on the market. The internal series code for the X7. Currently, the first pre-production models are already up and running.

X7-manufacturing in the USA

The production of pre-series models, the subsequent series production to secure and optimize. Is built, the BMW X7, the obvious way in the US plant in Spartanburg. There, the X5 and the X6 from the Band, where the X7 is not based but to run already. In addition, it is directly in the main market. A lot of BMW for X7, also the pre-production vehicles are still camouflaged. We expect, but with a length of 5.10 meters.

Of Plug-in hybrids, up twelve-cylinder

Details like the narrow LED headlights and the huge grille, however, are already in series form visible. Unmissable in both senses of the word: The BMW X7 is as powerful and edgy as it has the study Concept X7 iPerformance at the Frankfurt IAA in September 2017 presented. Speaking of Seven: the drives of The X7 takes largely from the 7-series. This means both a V12 with 610 HP, but also a Plug-in Hybrid with 326 HP system performance.(rh)