BMW Group as never sold so much 200,000 pcs per month

200,000 pcs per month

The BMW Group sold in March 2014 a total of 212 908 vehicles ( 11.3% ) of the BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce and thus achieved on a monthly basis a new record in the company's history. In the first three months of this year, sales volumes increased year on year by 8.7 percent to 487,024 vehicles.

Worldwide sales of BMW brand cars rose in March by 16.9 percent to 186,126 units. In the first three months of the year were 428 259 ( 12.3 %) sold vehicles.

In the Mini brand sales fell in the first three months of the year back to 57 868 ( 12.5 %) units. In March, sales fell by 16.9 percent to 26,382 cars.

Rolls-Royce was again able to increase its worldwide sales in the first quarter of 2014. Worldwide total of 897 Rolls-Royce cars were delivered to customers ( +39.7 %).

BMW Motorrad increased its sales in the first three months of the year rose 16.1 percent to a total of 28 719 worldwide shipped motorcycles and maxi scooters. In March ( +16.2 %) sold 15 183 vehicles.

In Asia, the BMW Group sales rose to 158,120 ( +21.8 %) units. On the Chinese mainland, deliveries increased in the first three months by 25.4 percent to 107,951 units. A similar picture was Japan with 18 888 vehicles sold ( +26.0 %), and South Korea in the first quarter with sales up 19.0 percent to 10,587 vehicles a strong growth.

In America, deliveries rose in the first quarter by 3.4 percent to 99 606 units. Sales in the U.S. rose by 2.6 percent to a total of 81 034 vehicles. Deliveries to customers in Brazil rose in the first three months of the year by 50.8 percent to 4184 vehicles.

The company reported a first quarter in Europe, a sales increase of 3.3 percent to 214,031 cars. The German home market, the BMW Group grew until the end of March by 0.5 percent to 64,183 vehicles. Sales in Scandinavia could with 10 810 vehicles ( +22.3 %) in the reporting period increased significantly. ( ampnet / nic )