Bikes, boards and breakers in Biarritz

Biarritz ( France ), June 12, 2015

From 11 to 14 June 2015 will be held the Wheels & Waves Festival for the fourth time. The event on the beach of Biarritz is all about custom bikes, surfing and art. In this context, BMW presents a Scrambler: the BMW Concept Path 22, based on the R NINET.

An expression of joie de vivre

For all non - motor cyclists: The first scrambler come from the 50s of the last century. They were modified street machines that have been made ​​fit with knobbly tires, a little more suspension travel and a high exhaust set for off-road rides. With a bit of interpretation skill can be a Scrambler, thanks to the aforementioned alterations impute a departure from established standards and conventions. The BMW Concept Path 22 is now the result of cooperation of the organizers of Wheels & Waves, the motorcycle club Southsiders MC, the artist Ornamental Conifer and the surfboard factory Dyer fire.

The same center with noble Attachments

In the center of the moped is still the BMW twin-cylinder Boxer engine with 1.2-liter displacement, 110 hp and 119 Nm of torque. In addition to the more rustic elements such as the knobby tires or the guard in front of the classic round headlights but can also be high-quality details like the quilted leather bench, which also covered with leather handles or the tailpipes made ​​of stainless steel make up the typical scrambler style. They are joined in the handlebar - ends integrated turn signals, contrasting milled parts and the equally machined aluminum wheels.

Arts and sports meet on a motorcycle

Headlight bucket, tank and fender of Concept Path 22 were daubs of Ornamental Conifer. Stylized font and graphic ornaments play a central role. A special highlight at the premiere piece is made ​​out of aluminum and leather surfboard holder on the right side of the vehicle. It can be adapted to different sizes Board. When not in use, it disappears when folded in the silhouette of the bike or can be easily disassembled. The matching boards manufactured Dyer fire from San Diego. The company is famous for its custom boards that find their inspiration in the 1950s.

Naming and secret Surfer spots

The name " Path 22 " refers to the way a secret surf spot in Europe: This particular stretch of beach is inaccessible to cars at the southern French Atlantic coast, which requires a half-hour walk through one of the biggest pine forests in Europe. The path leading to this spot, wearing the number 22. Whether the BMW Scrambler could reach the secret beach area and whether one can ever acquire commercially the concept? BMW, we demand answers . (ml)