Benz with potential

Waiblingen, 22 November 2016

The current generation of the Mercedes E-class is since April 2016 on the market. Time to bring the sedan to a slightly sportier appearance. Thought is also the specialists by Lorinser which have recorded some new products for the E-class in your program.

Carbon body

For friends of carbon fiber Lorinser offers various parts of the light material. These include a front lip for 1,290 euro, a rear lip for 840 euros, rear fascia attachments for 2,490 euro as well as side skirts for 1,680 euros. There is also a sport exhaust system with Doppelendrohrblenden fails with 1,390 euros. Various forged wheels up to a size of 21 inches and a lowering module complement the optical change opportunities for the E-class after all.

More power for diesel and petrol engines

So the tuned E classes of their new optics are also performance technically equal, Lorinser offers an increase in performance for the 350 d - as well as for the current version of the E-43. The diesel is gaining ground from 258 to 300 HP, the torque rises by 620 to 695 Newton metres. The AMG variant E 43 Lorinser pushes from 401 to 440 HP and from 520 to 600 Newton metres. The diesel tuning is 920 euros here, improving gasoline amounts to 1,295 euros.

Interior details and registration

Also on the Interior, you thought at Lorinser and offered a pedal set aluminium, as well as a floor mat set with an embroidered logo of the company for the E-class. All parts are also easily be entered in the vehicle papers and thus completely legally. (mf)