Back trouble to Audi and VW

Hair, 4 November 2016

The affair to the cycle-detecting cheat software of the VW Group is now over a year old, but still there is no end in sight. Now come new trickery to light. This time it's not the nitrogen oxide emissions, but to consumption and CO2 levels, namely at Audi. Not only diesel and gasoline engines are affected.

V6 is concerned with certain automatic

According to a report of the "Bild am Sonntag", the California Environmental Protection Agency CARB at an Audi V6 engine with a specific automatic transmission has discovered a software sleight of hand: is the steering wheel is not turned after the start, the engineers had apparently assumed that located the car on a dynamometer, the consumption measurements usually take place on the. Then, it activates a switching strategy that leads to low fuel consumption and CO2 emission levels. The control is rotated by more than 15 degrees, the normal program is activated with higher emissions.

"Cycle-optimized program"

The documentary raises also a light on who might be responsible for the new trickery: who then is responsible for the drives, Axel Eiser, 2013 should have asked for a vehicle test: "When will there be the cycle-optimized program?" This suggests that iron age knew the cheat software. Particularly piquant is that iron age now ascended to head of the aggregates developer in the VW Group. The trick was used in Europe for diesel and gasoline engine models. The usage of the software had been stopped but in may 2016, according to the report.

Investigations against Pötsch

The management of the VW Group has probably a little relaxing weekend behind him. On yesterday's Sunday, the company announced that the public prosecutor's Office in Braunschweig has included investigations into Supervisory Board Chairman Hans Dieter Pötsch. Apparently is accused that he has too late informed investors of the Dieselaffaire to his time as Chief Financial Officer. That would be a violation of the strict regulations to the ad hoc disclosure requirements of public companies. If the suspicions proved true, this could lead to damaged investor civil litigation. Similar investigation run against ex-CEO Martin Winterkorn and VW brand Chief Herbert Diess.

Deny apologies in the United States in Europe,

At the end of last week, a report of the Research Association of South German newspaper, NDR and WDR had caused excitement. Then, the VW Group denies to have manipulated and the rules infringed with emissions in Europe. Similar reported focus news magazine in the June 2016. The built-in software constitutes the opinion of VW "no unacceptable defeat device under European law". In addition, it is not proven that nitrogen oxides from the exhaust of diesel models at all are harmful to health. This VW's speech just when compared to the behavior of VW in the United States are amazing. There, VW Chief Müller apologized in January 2015: "we know that we have very disappointed our customers, the competent public authorities and the general public here in the United States. I apologize therefore for what went wrong at Volkswagen." (sl)