Automotive Museum Frey: The Mecca of Mazda

Augsburg, Germany, 12 may 2017

Where would you suggest a collection of around 120 old Mazda vehicles? Including extremely rare models that blow your mind even Japanese top-managers of the company? Sure, in the home country of course. Probably at the company's headquarters in Hiroshima. Far from it: In Augsburg the fans of old plate from Nippon now come fully at their own expense. "Mazda classic car Museum Frey" means the location in the Wertachstrasse 29b. We were at the opening ceremony on the spot and have gained many impressions.

It started with the Cosmo

Three men stand behind the unusual project: Walter Frey and his sons, Joachim and Markus. They sell vehicles of the brand since 1978 Mazda and have three car dealerships in the area of Augsburg, explaining a little of the passion for the brand. Early there was the reference to old cars, the first car of the seniors was a singer Roadster from 1951. 25 years ago the trio set out the first Wankel vehicle of brand, from which only 1.519 examples were produced in the United States, to buy a Mazda Cosmo 110s. "There are not just German cars with history, but also with Mazda's history," Frey told me mark. "A momentum is resulted then, as we said, there's so much more. It has attached himself then in the one or the other model", so Frey next.

Rarities on wheels

A slight understatement, if you look at the current stock of family Frey. 45 historic Mazda models are displayed in the new Museum on an area of over 1,500 square meters, 110 S. is of course at the heart of Cosmo "this car has the most annoyed us, now we love it," Walter Frey admits. Not only for die-hard Mazda fans or lovers of the wankel engine, the only for Mazda large quantities in the construction of passenger cars reached, come at their expense. "Normal" visitors discover the diversity of the brand as the enthusiasts discover real rarities such as the only 800 times built Roadpacer sedan with wankel engine or the tiny AZ-1 with gull-wing doors. Add vehicles from the 1980s and 1990s, who once made popular Mazda in Europe, but now almost disappeared from the street scene are. Or when did you last see a 323?

In love with the depot

The beautifully built site in the former Augsburg tram depot come even an event area, gastronomy and a Mazda-classic-shop. Over the many years that had Frey's their 120 vehicles (right: one hundred.) and. Twenty!) comprehensive collection in a barn stored. There is no matching State to enjoy classic cars (as well as all kinds of equipment with a wankel engine). And so came the idea of a public presentation in the appropriate setting. 2010 it came to first contact with the city of Augsburg, 2011 the Frey family acquired the old tram depot. A cheaper purchase price was the only concession of the city, otherwise the conversion was carried out at his own expense. Although is also Mazda Germany in the boat, but rather in the organisational area and in maintenance. "It was love at first sight," says Markus Frey, who described himself, his brother and his father as "positively crazy".

By Mazda until you

Thomas Weitzel, cultural consultant of the city of Augsburg, is pleased with the growth in the Museum landscape. The one Museum is practically around the corner, it tells me here Rudolf diesel has experimented on his motor. This technology-mile might attract many families. Theme: Art and Fugger for Mommy, cars and engines for dad. And it could be "Mazda classic", so the name of the Freyschen Museum, to see a lot more vehicles. But "Space is a constant problem," admits Markus Frey. Therefore, the exhibits will change occasionally. And an end to the collecting passion? No end in sight: it would be offered them interesting vehicles. Missing about five models still to complete. And the 787B with the Mazda in 1991 at Le Mans won, I fill in. As Markus Frey must chuckle: "Unfortunately it will not happen." Mazda never sold the car. It is a most important brand icon in the other great Mazda Museum. In Hiroshima, almost 13,000 kilometers away from Augsburg.

Moderate ticket prices

Finally it should be noted: A visit to the new Mazda Museum is worthwhile not only for car fans. In addition the interesting city of Augsburg. What should I know? The address: Wertachstrasse 29 b, 86153 Augsburg. Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm. The ticket price: 5 euro normal 2,50 euro for children from 13 to 17 years as well as senior citizens and students. Children up to 12 years will enjoy free entry, in groups of five persons each pays only four euro. Not there is a parking emergency, there are sufficient spaces on the site. If you prefer public arrive: before the area is the tram stop "Laces Bach". (rh)