Audi RS 3: a Limousine with depth

Lennestadt, 20. October 2017

Connoisseurs know: The 400-HP Audi RS 3 is also available as a sedan. For the fast saloon suspension specialist H&R has now developed additional optimizations.

Deep thanks to the sports springs

Here we go with the sport springs, which are specially adapted to the chassis of the RS 3. For 296 Euro, they offer a lowering of approximately 25 to 30 mm. Is highlighted, a sufficient residual spring travel, which should be compatible with the adaptive damper system.

Sway bars and spacers

For more transverse dynamics of sport stabilizers. These are depending on the requirement, two-way adjustable to effect a precise wheel control and a reduced rolling tendency. 260 euros, the Set for the front axle costs, for the rear axle 475 Euro will be due. To last but not least, the wheel spacers are missing. You are in the range of 16 to 30 millimeters per axle. Prices? From 72,40 Euro per axle.(rh)