Audi R8 under the knife

Audi has the R8 on the cutting table. The German supercar returns with a refreshed appearance and enhanced technique back to the market.

In 2015 presented the second generation of Audi's R8 is so after 2,5 years, modernized. Fear not, the V10. In fact, which has 5.2-liter tiencilinder get there power. In the regular R8 - everything is relative - pitching that high revving V10 570 hp and 550 Nm. That is 30 hp and 10 Nm more than before. With that power sprint the updated R8 in 3,4 count to a speed of 100 km/h. The openwork version, the R8 Spyder, has 3.5 seconds for the same sprint need. The top speed is 324 km/h for the dense R8 and 322 km/h for the Spyder.

Currently, Audi is a extra powerful Plus version of the R8, a car that from now on R8 Performance Quattro. The tiencilinder provided in the Plus version 610 hp and 560 Nm, but that ability is now increased to 620 hp and 580 Nm. The dense R8 Performance Quattro in 3.1 seconds and a speed of 100 km/h on its digital instruments (3,2 count for the Spyder). The top speed: 331 km/h for the Coupe and 329 km/h for the Spyder.

There is a change more on a technical level. So says Audi, the chassis tightened up, for a higher stability. The power steering and the steering system is otherwise tuned, and the R8 should now be closer to respond. Furthermore, changes in the driving modes that you through Drive Select can find. Audi talks about bigger differences between the modes Comfort, Auto, Dynamic and Individual. The ESC system (Electronic Stabilization Control) is improved and that would increase the braking distance should be shorten.

By default, the R8 19-inch light-metal, though 20-inch copies on the order list. R8's with steel brake discs are identified by their red or black brake calipers. The ones with ceramic brakes get the grey or red ones. Optional supplies Audi anti-roll bar, manufactured from carbon fibre reinforced plastic. That brings the weight by roughly 2 pounds back.


On the outside are the new R8's to recognize the wider, flatter grille with new frame systems. Between the front door and the grille brings Audi a sort of "letterbox" in which we not only know of the new A1, but also of the recently launched R8 LMS GT3. The entire front bumper is new and also the vents below the headlights are a different shape. The vertical slats of times there, never to return. It used to be only under the taillights existing frame systems are now running across the whole width of the butt. Of course the rear bumper is new, there are now two large, round uitlaateindstukken instead of trapezoidal specimens to be processed. Even a small adjustment: the air filter on the V10 is now under a new cover in plastic or in carbon can be carried out.

Of course, there's enough for your own taste to dress. In the standard R8 will include the splitter at the front, the ornaments on the sides and the diffuser in high-gloss black finish. The R8 Performance Quattro are those things in matt-grey finish. In addition, Audi for both versions and with an optional package that allows the aforementioned details in high-gloss carbon fiber are carried out. Audi delivers the R8 further in two new colors: Kemora-grey and Ascari-blue. The adjustments in the interior have pure covers new colorways and materials.

The renewed R8's are in the first quarter of next year in our country to find