Audi Q5 comes deeper

Lennestadt, 23. February 2018

Since 2017, the second-Generation Audi Q5 will be delivered. A little easier, and in many Details revised, has found the SUV already a lot of Fans. Some owners don't like the current Q5-lens nor dynamic enough. Remedy comes from suspension specialist H&R, has been developed according to the Audi SQ5 for the "normal" Q5 sport springs.

Sporty and deeper

These are the two wheels of approximately 55 mm deeper into the wheel wells of immersion, what makes the Audi Q5 even more conscious. Through these H&R-modification to the car is visible and noticeably sporty character. "Trak+"wheel spacers, H&R in various dimensions offered, there is also the perfect desired position in the series or aftermarket wheels to the wheel arch edges.

The cost

A set of sport springs for the current Audi Q5 costs 321 euros, the track extensions begin to fade for 75 Euro.(rh)