Audi Autonomous Driving Cup In 2017

Ingolstadt, 7. November 2017

Will be the first truly self-driving cars may be much smaller than we imagine? It would be sensible perhaps to test the technique first on a small scale. Also at Audi, followed, apparently, these thoughts and held since 2015, "Audi Autonomous Driving Cup" with miniature cars on a scale of 1 to 8.

Many Sensors for environment detection

The competition is open but not to full-grown engineers, but to the offspring, so the Audi can make first contacts with engineering talent. And so school Teams are competing this year, eight German higher at 15. and 16. November 2017 in the Audi-Museum in Ingolstadt, to the podium. Be used in electrically-driven high-tech model cars. As the main sensor is a new wide-angle camera, which now captures a larger area than before. Also, the rear camera has been improved compared to the last year's competition. Added to this are ten ultrasonic sensors, five of which are to the front, three to the rear and to the side directed. They detect obstacles in distances from two centimeters to four meters. An acceleration sensor registers changes in direction.

Even crossing pedestrians are detected

In the first part of the Cups the model cars have to Dodge on a course, independently of any obstacles. Here there is traffic ahead, intersections with cross traffic, surprising pedestrians crossing and traffic signs. In the second step of the competition, the participants will present their technical developments in the lecture. In the third part the Teams will keep your vehicle in a self-imposed task, if possible, creatively solve – this year, for the first time with artificial intelligence. In the end, the best Teams compete in the three competition parts against each other. You need to complete unknown tasks error-free. The Team with the most points will receive 10,000 Euro, the runner-up to 5,000 euros and the third prize of 1,000 Euro. Interested visitors will be able to the final on 16. November 2017 starting at 9 a.m. at the Audi Forum track.(sl)