Armored off-road for half the world VIPs

Toronto ( Canada ), February 9, 2015

In sheikhs, VIPs of all kinds and the nouveau riche of emerging economies, the Mercedes G-Class is one of the most popular vehicles. Because the car is sturdy, all-terrain and spacious. The only drawback: It's not a tank. Therefore crosses the company " Inkas Armored Vehicle Manufacturing" from the Canadian Toronto now both types of vehicles. The car not based on the V12 top version G 65 AMG, but still at number two on the model range, the G 63 AMG with its 544-hp twin-turbo V8 with 5.5 liter displacement.

Grenades protection in the rear

The passenger compartment offers the armor protection against 7.62 - millimeter ammunition and the vehicle floor to explosions and fragments of two simultaneously bursting shells withstand. Furthermore, the wheelbase for the benefit of rear passengers will be extended by about one meter. It contains the Time Stretch range, unlike previous versions, a window, so there are eight side window. Incas used tinted, bulletproof glass. In addition, a matte black finish.

Erotic massage seats and lighting

The customers want, even if it sits in a kind of armor, do not miss a certain luxury go. Therefore, the vehicle interior features luxurious materials such as exotic leathers and rich woods, where one has Bentley, Rolls-Royce and Aston Martin as a model. In addition, an ambience lighting system was integrated into the headliner. It should conjure up various moods in the car with color LEDs ?? from business mode to various romantic themes. In the rear there are two reclining seats that have been developed specifically for this vehicle. They are equipped with heating, cooling, and a massage system.

Well chilled champagne and gun holder

The rear passengers a view of the partition to the cockpit, in which a large screen and other goodies are integrated. For a well-ventilated and properly sparkling champagne A fridge is. Thus the countless signatures may be inadequate and a special drawer has been integrated. In their place a pin from the limited special edition of Leonardo Mont Blanc course. If the power of the checkbook times is not enough, there's a gun holder, quick access to the weapon granted.

Television cameras and the surrounding area

A satellite phone allows you to make phone calls even in the remotest desert or the worst crisis area. If this is boring times, there are remedies: a satellite TV system with a satellite dish installed on the roof. Is the TV too boring, you can view the environment of the vehicle about cameras you instead. These are operated like most other interior features an iPad mini ?? obviously the dodgy VIP customers from the half-world of modern technology are open to . ( sl)