Apollo 18

Dearborn ( USA ), July 20, 2015

We know since " Top Gun ": The United States love their Air Force. Since 2008, Ford created a special Mustang, whose optics special aircraft or anniversaries in the field of Air Force pays tribute. 2015 goes into space: The " Apollo Edition " is a homage to the astronauts of lunar missions.

Another Mission

Apollo Mustang will be auctioned for the benefit of youth development of so-called " Experimental Aircraft Association " brief EAA. This organization cares young people about the flies and thus to support the Air Force and NASA. But back to the space Mustang: Its appearance is reminiscent of the Apollo program, under which 1969-1972 six missions foot on the Moon. After Apollo 17 was concluded, which is why the Ford sports car is now quasi Apollo 18.

Roads rocket

The base provides a Mustang GT with a five-liter V8. The unique piece was painted white with black elements, which commemorates the appearance of the mighty Saturn V rocket, the astronauts were shot in the direction of the moon. There are also various attachments made of carbon and a special gag an orange glowing LED underbody lighting. It is modeled on the re-entry of the space capsule and the temperatures of several thousand degrees occurring there.

A great platform game

Of course, the Apollo Mustang does not have the millions of PS Saturn V rocket, but the 636 hp and 732 Nm of torque should provide sufficient thrust. Possible makes it a " Performance Package " supercharged. In addition, an X-shaped exhaust system with tailpipes on the side and at the rear, sports suspension, a Brembo brake system and 21-inch wheels of the brand Forgiato. Interior meets the Space Fan on additional instruments, special ornaments and sill that indicate the unique. Decisive is the right sentence for those emerging: " That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind! " ( rh )