Anniversary: 100 years of Ford TT

Cologne, 27. July 2017

Almost everyone knows the Ford T-model. The US vehicle-legend, which was first manufactured on an Assembly line and became a global best seller. But do you know the model TT? Admittedly, this is Really known of this force, not the car, but the TT had a huge impact on the car world. As a commercial vehicle-forerunner of today's vans and Pick-ups. Now the model TT is 100 years old. Time to look back.

On the Basis of the model T

During its construction in 1917, the model TT was the first purpose-built One-tonne commercial vehicles from Ford. As a Basis for the normal T-model was used. The frame was reinforced, the wheelbase has been extended by 70 inches, and the rear axle was driven by a combination of a crown gear and worm gear. When the model T took over and a crown gear with pinion.

A 2.9-litre, 20 HP and 35 km/h top

On the engine, Ford changed nothing: For the use of the 2.9-Liter four-cylinder gasoline engine came with a 20 HP. Thus equipped, the Ford TT was not regarded as extremely durable, the fastest vehicle, but he was. Depending on the embodiment, the maximum speed was 24 or 35 km/h. For comparison, The identical motorized model T was up to 67 km/h.

Pneumatic tires are subject to extra charge

In the cabin space for the driver and a passenger. Started the car with a crank. Solid rubber tyres was a series with a surcharge-air-filled Tires could be ordered. The chassis could be equipped with different superstructures. It was as good as all of the Letter up to gasoline barrels.

From 1926, also in Germany

The vehicle was initially manufactured exclusively in the United States, where the base price was Initially set at 600, and later at 375 US dollars (according to today's purchasing power of about 8,000 euros). Later the production was extended also, and increasingly, in other international works. So the port in the Ford factory started in 1926, for example, in Berlin's West, the production in Germany. The end came for the Ford TT in 1928, when the model was replaced by the successor of AA.

Flexible and cost-effective ... even today

"It's been fascinating to see how far today's vehicles since the first origins of the TT-model is further developed, but in principle fulfil the same role as at the time: press and hold in the most flexible and cost-effective manner the business," commented Hans Schep, commercial vehicle chief of Ford of Europe. Well then, here's to the next 100 years.(ml)