An S Coupe in S, please!

Stuttgart, August 14, 2015

The beautiful S - Class Coupé may well attract more prospective customers ... if it would be 50,000 euros cheaper. To shrink the price of the luxury two-door and even less to inspire solvente Coupé sympathizers, Mercedes reduces the large Coupé simply completely. The result of this shrinking spotlight treatment is based on the C - Class is the successor to the now somewhat frumpy acting C - Class Coupé from 2011, so called as its predecessor. The curtain rises on the new Mercedes C - Class Coupé.

Larger and easier

The design of the new C - Class Coupé differs only marginally from the large two-door S-Class family. Compared to its predecessor - C - Coupé is the wheelbase has been extended by 80 millimeters to 2.76 meters. In order for the run-in S-Class by 95 millimeters to grow to a total of 4.69 meters. Also in width it shall by 40 millimeters to 1.81 meters on stately. Without mirrors. Despite the increased dimensions, the weight will fall. For this, use the manufacturer (as in the new C - sedan ) more aluminum. So there are, among others, the fenders, the hood and the trunk lid from the light metal.

Optional air suspension

As standard, the coupé is equipped with a steel suspension. In this embodiment, can choose a comfortable standard or a firmer been deliberate sports suspension with Direct-Steer system. Both versions insert the two-door C - Class 15 millimeters lower than the sedan. If desired, you can equip the hatchback - C with an adaptive air suspension that can be adjusted individually. In the wheel arches sit factory 17-inch alloy wheels.

Technology, technology, technology

The interior is based on the C-Class sedan. Compared to the four-door counterpart can be in the coupe integral order sports seats. An automatic belt feeder is ?? as in the S-Class Coupé ?? also included. The driver will find a range of supportive Wizard: Standard warn the electronic helpers before inattention and fatigue. Also an adaptive brake assist is free of charge on board. For cash, the art-lodge can then fully make: Abstandstempomat, lane departure, a Stop & Go-pilot (who also worked with missing or ambiguous markings works), an active park assist, a 360-degree camera and a high beam and Traffic Sign Assistant you can work for them. As the car would then not even smart enough to think now even the air conditioner. If you drive in a tunnel, it automatically switches to recirculated air. En Vogue is also the infotainment system with additional online services, smartphone linking and access to vehicle information via the Internet.

First of all only with four cylinders

At the beginning there are four petrol engines and two diesel engines available. The entry-level gasoline in the C 180 provides 156 hp from 1.6 liters ready. The models C 200, C 250 and C 350 are each fired from two-liter engine, which make 184, 211 and 245 hp. The two diesel models ( C 220 and C 250 d d ) to work with 2.1-liter diesels that provide 170 or 204 hp depending on the vote. Insufficient power? No fear! Gradually Mercedes will complement the engine program still upwards. Then a C is likely 63 AMG with 510 hp of S and 700 Nm of torque from the well-known four-liter twin-turbo V8 stand at the peak force.

Presentation, exercise prices and market launch

Exact prices will be announced only after the presentation at the IAA in Frankfurt ( September 17 to 27 2015). We expect a starting price of around 35,000 for the model with 156-horsepower gasoline engine entry. The price for the 170 hp base diesel is expected to be at around 40,000 euros. The launch will take place in December 2015 respectively. (ml)