An „Expander“ between the Van and SUV

Tokyo, 18. July 2017

Mitsubishi shows a new small Crossover, to combine the advantages of Vans, and SUVs. Is revealed of the car on Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS), the from 10. to 20. August 2017 in Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD City) takes place in Jakarta.

Secret Name: Expander

The car is obviously the production version of the XM Concept, which was presented a year ago on the GIIAS. The name Mitsubishi is not price, but according to rumors the car is to hot Expander. At least in Indonesia, where it is supposed to come out in the fall of 2017 on the market. It is produced in Mitsubishi's new factory in Java.

Seven seats and a high level of variability

The now released Teaser images show the relationship of the new model with the XM Concept. To see a brand's typical "Dynamic Shield"grille, narrow lights at the top and additional large lights (maybe fog lights) are below. The fenders are widely exhibited and is more square shaped, the flanks of the currently fashionable sharp metal edges. The B - and the C-pillar, hidden by a black finish, and also the rearmost roof pillar is broken as is the case with the study visually. At the rear angle-show-shaped tail lights in the roof pillar and the tailgate. The interior will offer a high degree of variability and room for seven occupants. According to Reports in Asian media, the car will get a 1.5-Liter gasoline engine, front-wheel drive and an optional CVT transmission.

He also comes to us?

Supposedly an Export to the less developed countries of Europe is not planned – so, probably to Germany. If the car should come to us, it would mean hardly Expander in this country, one can think of a cheap use of plastic. And the Japanese should take a little time. Because a new Mitsubishi launches in the fall of 2017 already-SUV by the name of Eclipse Cross. It is only five inches shorter than the ASX, which will continue to be offered.(sl)